Treatment Options App

Who Should Use This?

If you were recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and want to know which treatments to read about before meeting with your urologist, this app will help you learn which treatments your urologist is most likely to recommend to you based on similar patients in the MUSIC registry.

The information in this app are not medical advice, but simply a way for you to focus your reading prior to meeting with your urologist.

What Actions Can I Take?

If you use this tool before meeting with your urologist, it will give you a general sense of which treatments your urologist is likely to recommend to you. However, treatment choice is personalized based on your medical condition, your biopsy results, and your preferences, many of which are not captured by this app.

Here are some actions you can take using the results:

  • If you would like to read about the treatment options, consider focusing on the top 2 treatment choices identified by the tool. Find more information about the treatments here:
  • If your doctor recommends a treatment other than the top choice for medical reasons, ask your doctor to learn why. There are many reasons why a doctor may recommend one of the other treatments, and using this tool, you can feel empowered to ask “why?”