Resources for Prostate Cancer Patients

Initial Diagnosis

MUSIC Personal Patient Profile-Prostate (P3P) Decision Aid Tool Brochure




Prostate Cancer Screening Information

Active Surveillance

MUSIC Active Surveillance Brochure





MUSIC High-Intensity Surveillance




MUSIC Low-Intensity Surveillance


MUSIC PRO – prostate surgery brochure






MUSIC Preventing an ileus (severe constipation) brochure



MUSIC Regaining Urinary Control after Prostate Surgery brochure


What you should know about prostate cancer surgery

RP Patient Video

Additional Treatment Options

Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer



Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer


Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Resources for Kidney Stone Patients

Ureteral Stents: What You Need to Know Video

Stent Placement and Removal Brochure

Managing Pain and Urinary Symptoms

MUSIC PRO Kidney Stone Brochure

Resources for Kidney Mass Patients

Talking to your doctor about treatment

Resources for Doctors

Prostate Cancer

Click on the image below to see the Active Surveillance Roadmap:

Kidney Cancer

RENL Placard:


Chest Imaging Appropriateness Placard:

Kidney Stones (ROCKS)

ROCKS POP Placard: