If you are pursuing surgery for your prostate cancer treatment, your doctor may have recommended you start doing kegel exercises. Some doctors may suggest beginning kegel exercises before while others may suggest beginning kegel exercises after surgery. Please talk to your doctor about when to start your kegel exercises.

What are Kegel exercises?
Kegel exercises help strengthen muscles, called pelvic floor muscles, that are  involved with urinary control. Your doctor may recommend a pelvic floor physical therapist to help improve urinary leakage. Pelvic floor physical therapists, can help you identify the correct muscles to perform kegel exercises and create an individualized plan to aid in your recovery. To find a pelvic floor physical therapist near you, please click on area closest to you below: Finding the right pelvic floor physical therapist should be a decision between you and your doctor.  Your doctor may recommend a pelvic floor therapist not on this list. Please talk with your doctor to find out which pelvic floor physical therapist may be best for you and your care. 
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Watchful waiting is a less involved system of monitoring the cancer without treating it. Unlike active surveillance, it does not involve regular biopsies, imaging blood tests, or DREs . Watchful Waiting may be a good option for men who: do not want therapy, cannot have therapy, have other medical conditions that would be affected by more aggressive treatment.


  • No treatment-related risks, complications, or side effects
  • Low cost


  • Cancer could grow and spread between follow-up visits, this could make the cancer harder to treat over time

Please find caregiver videos of those whose loved ones underwent prostate cancer care, below.

Video 1: What makes an impact in care for prostate cancer patients?

Video 2: How to balance self-care while caring for your loved one with prostate cancer?

Much of these videos and information are provided by the Urology Care Foundation.